Welcome to the FBEI, brought to you by ELVIS EXPRESS RADIO. The F.B.E.I is a Free service for fans everywhere as we try and put a dent into the many
FAKES that are out there. Autographs, Merchandise, Vegas & Tour products and those who try to pass off modern day products as being rare & vintage stuff.

BEFORE WE MOVE ON - There is no science to finding what is real and what is not (like autographs), so we can only try our best to give advice on what is
PLEASE NOTE - We cannot give advise on personally worn clothing/ Guitars etc without a photo of Elvis wearing the said item.
If you want to see some examples of real & fake Elvis autographs then pop along to a special page HERE
Elvis Express Radio brings news of Elvis releases and provides free online entertainment & news to fans around the world.  We DO NOT sell any Elvis products
If we are not 100% certain on a particular item we will call on the help of several highly trusted helpers and seek their advise for you. These include people
who were friends with and worked with Elvis through the years.

Send us any suspicious items you see, and together as fans of Elvis we can help out our fellow fans and prevent them from paying cash for trash!